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Learning Is A Life Long Process


From the desk of Keith Lee

Personal Learning LifestyleHello friend,

Have you ever seen two persons went through a similar circumstances and yet the outcome is vastly different?

One became stronger and more successful, the other one became depressed and remained as a failure.


It is all about their Mindset!!!!

We have to continuously build up a stronger and positive mindset.

This can only be accomplished through Learning.

Learning is a life long journey.  

Albert Einstein has ever said this "The greatest Insanity Is To Keep Doing The Same Thing The Same Way and Expect A Different Result".

We can not keep on doing the same thing the same way. There must be improvement, there must be a better way to resolve a problem.

First, it is our attitude, then comes the solution.

Again, it is about our mindset.

Whether you like it or not, the world is moving forward faster and faster each day. The moment we stop learning, we are sliding backwards.

Today, we must be better and stronger than yesterday, and tomorrow there must be a better 'me' than today.


This site is dedicated to establish a Leaning Lifestyle which covers-

Self Esteem / Self Confidence

Self Help / Self Development / Self Improvement

Communication / Relationship Building / Leadership

Success / Happiness / Self Fulfilment

Time Management / Self Discipline

Stress Management

And many more.


Lets come onboard and learn together.


Keith Lee